Who We Are

Faith Culture is increasing faith globally to reduce fear and operate in unity as God calls us to be.

It started in 2017 when Amber was in Dubai, a foreign country she had never been to, better yet lived there. As she lived within this new environment playing professional volleyball at the time, getting to know the people and growing to love them as well. She had a vision given to her. What if there was a way to bridge the gap between the culture in the USA and the countries that she had played in at this point; Kuwait, Switzerland, Dubai. What if there was a way to gather these groups of people together so there could be somewhat of a mastermind of cultures to grow in the athletic realm or just as a community of people.

When Amber was in Dubai getting this vision that she would impact the world one day. I, Kodi Maduka, was back in Kansas City coming off a 3 year stent of not talking to Amber. Yikes right!? We had been on and off in dating prior to, but "I pulled the I need time to grow and develop myself card" before we split. And I did, I was operating in fear.

But after that 3 years towards the end of 2017, God gave me a vision of who my wife was and it was so clear to me in that moment and still now that it was going to be Amber. Why can I say that? Because He has given me steps of “faith” to walk out everyday. You see faith is not acting on something that you can see, faith is acting on something you believe that you cannot see. And when I chose to reach out to Amber after 3 years and at the same moment she had God speaking to her about me, that was Faith. When we were dating and I was struggling with doubt and fear plaguing me in making the decision to marry her, God told me walk by faith not sight, I operated in faith and took another step. As we have been married, it has not stopped and carried us to where we are now in this movement.

This is what Faith Culture represents. We are creating a culture and mindset that is found in Joshua 1: 9. "Have i not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, nor dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with you wherever you go". So our company represents that culture of faith, having unity and gathering nations to be strengthened and encouraged without fear or doubt no matter where we go.

That's who we are.