FC Nation


We Have A Dream

History tells us that if we were to study culture and the diversity of every creature of God, we would appreciate the lifestyle, ideas, and traditions that are not our own. If we were to look back in our own history we would see this. We would see that each one of us is responsible for the approval or disapproval of the cultures that surround us. If that is the case, what cultures are you appreciating? We believe that culture has no respecter of persons and culture is an identity that is shaped by your environment. In this day and age, we believe God is surrounding us with people that have a burning desire to grow our culture.   Our dream allows us to...
  • Give our shirt off our own back so that someone else is provided for.
  • Act on faith and believe in others even if you don't see the potential.
  • Trust God will supply even when all of our strengths and connections can't get us to our dream.
  • Envision the people that God surrounds us with in accomplishing our dream.
  • Be strong. Be fearless. Be courageous. Be encouraged. You are never alone.
Yes, we have a dream. It requires a culture with greater faith; a faith culture. Too great for us to do it alone. Won't you join us?
                                                                                     -Kodi& Amber Maduka